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Like our planet, human beings are 70% water. A person of 70 kilos weight, for example, contains 50 liters of water in its body. Where is all this water? you may be wondering. We could almost say that where is not water, because 80% of our blood is water. 85% of the tissue brain is water. 84% of the nerve tissues of our body are
water. 73% of our liver is water. 75% of our muscles are water. 30% of our bones is water. A human being is a collective of millions of cells which reproduce or are renewed periodically.

Each of those cells that constitute our body is water in a 75%. Water also assists in the functioning of digestion, the metabolism and respiration; in regulating the temperature of the body, balancing blood pressure, as a conveyor of nutrients …

In each of these functions is essential to have an efficient water flux, since water is the transporter and who ensures that hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients from reaching our vital organs.

Here you have a table showing the percentage of water contained in various foods.




Taken from the book “Water! Your body is thirsty” by Christopher Vasey, Obelisk Editions (2008)