This is a space where water is once again connected with its original vibration, is cleansed of memories and is charged with the frequencies of light and Love.

These new frequencies will resonate with those who enter in contactwith the water dispensed by the Emo acting on their physical,energetic, emotional and mental bodies.

Two thirds of our planet and two thirds of our bodies are composed of water.

A harmonious molecular structure and high-level vibration of the water in ourbodies is essential for our physical and energetic wellbeing.Water uses the information it receives to change its molecular structure,raises its energy levels and recovers its natural state.

Emo® reconfigures the molecular structure of water, returning it to itsoriginal perfection.

When in this state, water can act on our energy systemand raise its vibration.

When our vibrations are high we have more energy and our whole body worksin a more harmonious and conscious manner.

From conscience to conscience

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How we see it

“Emo is born from receiving intuition, or in other words, from channelization. This is nothing more than information arriving from other planes, that is expressed by way of that which can be expressed; in other words, our body, our voice, our writing.”


“Emo is a tool made from Love; it is Love. With an impressive potential for transmutation.”


“Emo is a facilitator, one of the many facilitators that exist, and one of the many that will exist to help open our minds.”


“Emo is a space for Water. Water is a Living Being, and Emo helps that water to connect with its essence, with it consciousness.”


“Emo reconfigures the molecular structure of the water, returning it to its original state of perfection. When in this state, water can sustain Energies, Vibrations for Higher Dimensions.”


What happens outside it

Emo is the visible part of a fractal system of frequencies. The same toroid mouvement that forms around the valves of the dodecahedrons, forms arrond the apparatus as a whole.
The vibration energy field that the Emo creates interacts with the ethereal body of those near it, helping it and restoring its balance. Emo is the core of the apple.

What happens inside it

First cone:
The water enters the first cone of the Emo at a tangent, creating a clock-wise vortex which generates implo-sive movement. As in nature, the water moves in a spiral, driven by the centripetal force of the vortex, and in this way is ready to enter the first dodecahedron.
First dodecahedron:

In the first dodecahedron, the gold plates and the quartz resonate as the water passes over them, vibrating with the frequencies of the love and light of the 5th and 6th dimensions. Having been deprogrammed of its old memories, the water takes on these new frequencies to carry them throughout its cycle. Matter takes the form of the frequency. Creation continues.

Second dodecahedron:

In the second dodecahedron, another plate and quartzes resonate in their turn as the water passes over them, and sacred vibrations are fixed permanently within the water. The number phi, fractal recurrence, toroid nesting and noble forms of the dodecahedron, all conjugate together to create a place of rege-neration. The proportion is sacred and the scale profane.

Second cone:

Entering the second cone, the water, deprogrammed of its memories and charged with new frequencies, issues forth to carry out its mission.And… creation continues.


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