• Reproduces a toroidal motion.
  • Creates a network of coherent vibration.
  • It favors the conjunction of the major planes with this plane.
  • It can facilitate access to broader states of perception.

The EMO Portal is the most spiritual creature, in the deepest sense of the word, that has come to Nayadel so far.

No meter or technology will give the energy scope of the EMO Portal, the measure will be each human being and the experience that they can transmit to you.

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It works as follow

The ether, under certain circumstances which we call ‘creation’, flows back into itself, implodes and becomes denser.

This creation dynamic is accompanied by a feedback system that prevents the concentrated energy from dispersing.

The geometry capable of maintaining this feedback is the Toroid.

The core of the toroid, the path for the bidirectional implosion, continually absorbs and relaunches the energy, sustaining life.

This shape invites energy to course through it and thus the energy’s course becomes matter.

The interaction of consciousness, energy and matter allows us to participate in this singularity and can facilitate access to wider states of perception and self-knowledge.

The enveloping toroid around Emo® Portal builds a dynamic and harmonized atmosphere that invites transformative experiences.

How to Use It

It is especially suitable in spaces used for retreat, creative or therapeutic activities. It helps to concentrate the intention and promotes the conjunction of higher planes with this plane. It attracts noble energies.

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