• Activates the water.
  • Energises foods.
  • Harmonises and balances the energy of the chakras.
  • Gives protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

The Essential Emo together with the symbols, the quartz and the sacred proportions is a transmitter of vibrations, specially designed to act on water, the chakras, food substances and the space immediately surrounding it.

The Essential Emo’s operates within a 2-metre radius.

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How to use

To activate water

Place the water recipient on the Essential Emo for thirty minutes. After this time the water will be activated. It’s 11 centimeter diameter allows a jar or a one litre o one and a half litre bottle to be placed on it.

Food energizer:

Place the Essential Emo where we store our food products.

To harmonize/align the chakras:

Place the Essential Emo in contact with the body. Tests carried out with aura and chakra detectors where people have been in bodily contact with the Essential Emo give clear signs of harmonization within the etheric field and a clear improvement in the outline and diameter of the chakras.

Protector of harmful electromagnetic radiations:

Place the Essential Emo in the place where we want to protect from harmful electromagnetic radiations.