• Reproduces a toroidal motion.
  • Harmonizes spaces.
  • Creates a network of coherent vibration.
  • Minimizes harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Nature creates and recycles in an organized and non arbitrary way. This process is based primarily on the implosion / explosion flux. The geometrical form, the torus, is able to maintain this flux.

The Solar System, the Earth, and the Human Body and even the smallest microorganisms participate in this flux and organize their energies using this geometry.

When the Spatial Emo reproduces the toroidal movement the energy takes on a self sustaining and self reinforcing path and hence the resulting structure formed is a harmonic system.

The Spatial Emo helps us to maintain an environment protected from chaotic frequencies and enhances the balanced frequencies that our body needs. It doesn’t impose any specific vibration, rather it moderates and balances existing frequencies forming a harmonious energetic mesh.

Given that it emits a radial pulse (60 meters), it is more efficient to place it in the center of the space we want to harmonize.

It doesn’t require personal energetic cleansing processes. It is enough to keep it free from dust and stain and maintain in an upright position.

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It works as follows

Energy is attracted to the zero point of implosion, that place where the maximum density is produced and where material manifests itself. This energy and those links are then dispersed and subsequently taken up again by the toroidal flow that reintroduces it into the system.

The solar systems, the Earth, the human body, the heart, the most minuscule micro-organisms, all organize their energies in this way:

A vortex pushes the Energy towards the Toroid, another vortex projects it in an outward direction and it is then taken up again by the outermost perimeter of the Toroid.

Espacial Emo is a representation of the breath of the Universe.


Everything that exists participates in the forms, rhythms and information that characterize its manifestation in this Universe, otherwise, it would disperse and lose its identity.

Our surroundings embody a tapestry that transmits frequencies from different sources (e.g., telluric, biological, artificial, etc.) producing ordered or disordered results, that we will harmonise using resonance.

Nowadays, we are exposed, in a systematic and uncontrolled fashion, to chaotic frequencies with which we cannot avoid struggling, obliging our body to try to maintain its own vibration against its surroundings or to accept (fall into step with) the dominant frequency at any one time.

Either of these two options has a high cost in terms of energy. Neither constant resistance, nor absorbing chaotic frequencies, can be a stable, healthy state for our bodies.

We need to establish a compatible and beneficial environment that can protect and strengthen our natural harmonic frequencies. Espacial Emo meets this need.