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“What we call Reality is a “reduction” of the Ocean of Frequencies that envelops us”
We live a “soup” of multiple vibrations that are constantly interacting among each other, cancelling each other out, aggregating, and harmonizing. Our organisms are a system of frequencies that are synchronized to allow our body to maintain an apparently solid and separate unit, but this is nothing more than a mental construct. We are a “reduced” vision of the entire ocean of frequencies to which we belong.

Matter is nothing more than a “package” of frequencies, an organized, harmonic package of frequencies. Reality is a resonant and harmonious system of vibrations, in which matter and energy are interchangeable, depending on the frequency they achieve. M=E/C2.

What we see and hear is nothing more than a minimal part of frequencies in their entirety. Our senses discriminate and simplify the information to be processed.
“Each Form stores and reproduces a characteristic vibration”
What we perceive as Form is the enveloping path that energy adopts to remain in time.

“Form Waves” are the characteristic vibrations of each form, that in turn respond to the type of energy and materials that create and nourish it. Atoms emit energy, they are energy, not material, and each emits its characteristic vibration.

“Form Waves” can be perceived if our sensitivity is educated to changes in environmental vibrations. Radiesthesia is one of the techniques that has developed methods and measurements for educating and directing perception. Instruments are available for measuring electrical and magnetic differences, and georadars that transform the response of each form to simulated visual constructions.

All musical instruments emit the same frequency (note) but their personality (timbre) depends on their form and material. Form is shown as a characteristic resonance.

Form is not a limitation that needs to be defeated and minimized by making it aerodynamic so that it does not produce disturbances. Form is the key factor to dynamizing and potentiating energy.

The symbol, as the minimum expression of form, attracts and modifies the vibrations of its surroundings.

Harmonizers (Pakua in Feng Sui, for example), tattoos for stimulating certain energies, paintings on acupuncture points for curative purposes, etc., are all examples of how form “modulates” the vibrations of the environment and affects our biology.

There is a continuous frequency-material and material-frequency feedback, in which the intention to create produces vibrations that are sustained over time and become material, and in turn, the material with its form and composition emits the same original frequency and maintains the creation.

“Sacred Geometry and Dynamics are the forms and movements that nourish Creation”
Sacred Geometry” is the set of forms and relationships that contains the rules of Creation and as such, constitute the basis of all manifestations in this Universe. Transcendent numbers, Pi, Phi, e are the underlying ratios that nourish it. Proportion is sacred and scale is profane.

If we add the variable “time”, we produce the “Sacred Dynamics”, the structured flow of energies that travels along 3-dimensional isomorphic and self-nourishing paths. Form, Dynamics and Rhythm contain the key to Creation.

Sacred Dynamics imitate nature and are nature.

The spiral and the vortex are the basic paths of energy, creating and maintaining by way of Implosion and the centripetal force that collects energy and constructs its. And by way of Explosion that by centrifugal force disperses energy and destroys it.

The toroid combines and harmonizes Implosion/Explosion movements in a self-nourishing feedback system. It is the heart of all that is living. Its center is the black hole of the galaxies where the singularity and creation of material springs forth from the zero point of maximum implosion.

Fractality and holography are properties possessed by “coherent” systems that allow “infinity to be part of the finite” (Nassim Haramein). The rules of ratios appear on all scales.

As Dan Winter explained, there is nothing more than infinite spin. Gravity is inertia.

“Consciousness guides what we call Reality”
Energy turning in on itself to maintain its identity is the experience of God observing His Creation.

Energy returns to itself in the quest for self-knowledge. This “self-knowledge of energy” is the impulse that permits the birth of consciousness. Consciousness is a toroid.

Louis-Victor de Broglie, Nobel Prize for Physics in 1929 for his theory on the existence of waves in material, held that all material had an associated wave. Energy follows the “attractors” constructed according the rules of Sacred Geometry, evoking characteristic Form Waves.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (Nobel 1932) claims that it is impossible to measure simultaneously the precise position and linear momentum of a particle. When the observer measures one variable, the other is altered.

What appears as material is basically a vacuum. There is only polarity, strain and difference. There is nothing other than strain in a vacuum. Each atom obtains its energies from the vacuum from its spin (Nassim Haramein).

Energy follows thought. Reality is structured energy.

“Water sustains and transports Life in our Planet and our Biology.”
H2O is a symmetrical bipolar tetrahedron molecule with covalent unions and hydrogen bridges that can dissolve salts and transport materials by interacting with its polarities. Practically infinite combinations are created to create 3-dimensional networks and groupings (clusters, clathrate compounds).

“Abnormalities” of water make life on Earth possible (Density, Viscosity, Calorific Capacity, Dielectric Constant, Isolation, etc.). Air, water, sap, blood, all move in spirals and vortices.

Bio-electricity is generated primarily by the Sodium-Potassium interchange between water inside and outside the cell. The cell is immortal. It is the water surrounding it that degenerates.

Water “designs” our DNA using its hydrogen bridges. Interactions between protein and water change the properties of the water (its internal structure) and allow it to act in the unfolding of proteins. Water is not the medium, it plays the main role.

“Water collects information and frequencies from its surroundings and preserves it in its molecular structure.”
The memory of water lies in the specific formations of its molecules (Clusters) that respond to the vibrations they receive.

Just as the brain receives incoming information with its dendritic unions, water stores information in its molecular network (clusters, clathrates). The form generates its characteristic wave.

Innumerable demonstrations of the workings of Homeopathy are evidence of the existence and mechanism of the memory of water.

Linus Pauling, Nobel prizewinner in 1954 and 1962, formulated the theory that water molecules could occur by forming a dodeicosahedron of hexagonal and pentagonal faces, that he called “clathrates”. They are formed and destroyed in fractions of seconds and represent an intermediate material state – the mesomorphic.

Masaru Emoto photographed the crystals of various waters submitted to different experiments under the microscope. Noble and harmonic environments show isomorphic crystallizations. Water cannot crystallize normally in a chaotic environment. Ice crystals of each type of water show its internal structure in fractal form.

The countless ways in which water molecules are organized are a reflection of the information that they acquire and transport, conferred by the specific functions exercised by water under different circumstances.

Water may be charged with specific information (homeopathy, EMO, intention, etc.) if it is appropriately dynamized (natural movements, vortices, ODF, etc). Thus, it can be programmed to perform cleaning (physical, etheric), curative or transcendental (baptism, etc.) functions.

“Water is Multidimensional Consciousness and acts intelligently”
Water is the invisible part of an energy system that we see only partially in this dimension (3D). The vital processes governing the creation of life operate on more subtle and hidden levels that the purely mechanical (Creation begins in the 4th and 5th dimension. Viktor Schauberger).

Water is imploded ether. In movement, the vortex is a door between dimensions.

Water is associated with the feminine, yin, humidity, cold. Places of power (interdimensional doors) and Marian apparitions are associated with springs. Water does not only clean the physical body but also the etheric and subtle bodies, because it also works in higher dimensions.

Water acts “intelligently”. Water has Consciousness. We are water and we are immersed in the Consciousness of water. We can regenerate our internal waters by synchronizing with these “live” waters.