Inicio 9 Who are we?

Who are we?
We came together to share an experience that led us to awareness of common memories. Water and more exactly water from the Emo, formed the theme of our meditation. As a result of this experience, we went on to develop Emo, Essential Emo, Personal Emo and Espacial Emo.

Nayadel finds its inspiration in the following assertions:

  •  What we call Reality is a “reduction” of the Ocean of Frequencies that envelops us.
  • Each Form stores and reproduces a characteristic vibration.
  • Sacred Geometry and Dynamics are the forms and movements that nourish Creation.
  • Consciousness guides what we call Reality.
  • Water sustains and transports Life in our Planet and our Biology.
  • Water collects information and frequencies from its surroundings and preserves it in its molecular structure.
  • Water is Multidimensional Consciousness and acts intelligently.