Jordi Gascó Ventura

I first saw the Emo Personal at the Bio Cultura Fair in Bilbao, and I was immediately interested in it. So I started trying it out. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that anyone who uses it improves their muscle performance, simply by being in contact with the Emo Personal.
So, of course, I bought one!
Before using Emo Personal, I was always exhausted by the end of the day. Since I have been using Emo Personal, this is a thing of the past. Lots of my students have also bought Emo Personal, and many of them report that they are noticing changes, many of which are emotional.
Emo Personal balances your body energy and, thus, provides equilibrium to your physiological systems.

Claudia & Jurgen Van Win

We have the Esencial Emo, the circular / round base for the Emo Nayadel with the quartz stones to structure the water, we use it every day. It’s fantastic!! With affection and our thanks!!

Dra. Mari Carmen Martínez Tomás

My experience with the Esencial Emo: I have noted in my energy body an expansion of the heart chakra, and from there a strong expansion in an upward direction with a sensation of aperture and expansion of the higher chakras and of the central Light canal, and after this expansion there was a slower widening of the lower chakras until there came a feeling of anchoring and connection with my auric egg, plus a clear perception of vibrating to the rhythm of Gaia, of unity. The feeling of energetic expansion is something I feel clearly every time I hold it against my chest.  I also feel it will prove useful in energising liquids other than water, such as wine or juices. Well, I will sign off now, with love and joy

Montse Bradford

The first time they gave me water to drink that had been filtered through the Emo, I felt a surge of energy and heat within me. When you drink water of this quality, it is almost as if you could chew it, it has “presence” and energy!  It’s alive! When you cook with this water, all your dishes become even more revitalised, and this helps us in our intention to generate Health for ourselves and our families.  We are largely water and we need to ensure that it is of the highest possible quality. I recommend the Emo, because I use it myself and feel its healthful effects on the energy level.

Marga Angrill Carreras

I’ve had the EMO installed at home for the past several years and I have noticed the effects of this at body and energy levels.  On the physical level I feel very healthy and balanced, and haven’t had even a simple cold, and I feel nimble and light.

Isabel Dulanto

At first I noticed great serenity. My plants have taken on new life. Instinctively, there are times when I hold on to the “funnel”. Thanks for everything.